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in memory of super sue

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Our Story

In 2010, our world shattered when our mother, Sue, lost her battle with stage 4 invasive breast cancer. We were only 21 years old at the time. In the span of five short months, from the moment we received that devastating diagnosis until her passing, our lives were launched into an unforeseen and abrupt heart-breaking journey.


To fully understand the remarkable woman of our mother, it is important to know that she was affectionately known as "Super Sue" by her clients, friends, and of course by us—her children. She was a powerhouse, a beacon of strength, hope and light, a dedicated wife, mother, and friend. She was a registered nurse but decided to change her occupation into a more holistic approach where she managed her own successful business as an Integrated Reflexologist. She devoted her spare time to the YMCA, where she taught an array of fitness classes along with leading the run club. In addition, she achieved incredible accomplishments, including the completion of over 30 marathons while qualifying for the Boston Marathon every time, conquered numerous triathlons, 100-mile canoe races, 200-mile relay runs, and century bike rides. Somehow, amidst all of this, she still managed to pour her heart into the lives of those she loved, always going above and beyond. Her love for people radiated, making the world a better place in her presence.


Going back to Super Sue’s astonishing accomplishments, it was never just about crossing those finish lines; it was about running each race for a greater cause and purpose. Sue was deeply committed to Team In Training (TNT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting Leukemia & Lymphoma. Her journey with TNT was remarkable, raising an astounding $100,000 on her own, solidifying her status as one of the top fundraisers for the Texas Gulf Coast Team. Her passion extended beyond the finish line, as she proudly displayed her patients' faces and names on her jersey, encouraging support and cheers to help them battle their own challenges. Sue's charisma, perseverance, and unwavering spirit left a permanent mark on everyone she touched—not only was she strong and determined, but a force of hope.


Sue's battle with cancer ended far too soon. It left our family shattered, lost, and broken. Cancer, a spiteful adversary, not only confines its cruelty to the individual suffering—it reaches out and touches every member of the family, leaving us all in desolation.


We remember those days of helplessness, the overwhelming sense of loss, and the emptiness that engulfed us. As a family, we struggled—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Our faith was tested, our health deteriorated, and our resources dwindled. We were far from okay. What we desperately needed was support, guidance, and the chance to heal. However, the demands of life, with its relentless pace, made it impossible for us to step away from our pain. We carried on because we had to, but it took a heavy toll.


Over the course of a decade, we slowly found our way back, navigating through the seasons of grief and loss without our Super Sue by our side. As they say, time has a way of healing wounds, but our journey was difficult and it needn't have been. That's why we are here today, introducing The Stride Project—a heartfelt mission born from our own experience. We want to ensure that no other family has to endure the loneliness, the loss, and the brokenness that we did. 


Families should have the opportunity to heal. With your support, The Stride Project aims to be the lifeline for families in need, offering them solace, guidance, and a chance to heal together. Let us join hands and ensure that no family battles alone. Together, we can light the path towards healing, just as our Super Sue would have wanted.

" I gotta let you go"
By: will van natta

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